Good Bugs

Good bugs are great for gardens (list)

There are many beneficial insects and pollinators that live in our yards and gardens that perform important tasks. They have the ability to kill or repel harmful insects, pollinate our yards and gardens, and break down dead vegetation so nutrients go back into the soil. There are many ways you can protect beneficial bugs: avoid spraying pesticides on flowering plants, perform pest control work early in the morning or later at night when pollinators are less active, and correctly identify insects prior to any insecticide use to ensure you are targeting harmful insects.

Stop before you spray! 

The bug you kill could be a friend. Good bugs:

  • Eat pests that harm your plants
  • Pollinate fruit trees and berries
  • Decompose plant waste and break it down into fertilizer
  • Serve as food for birds and animals that also eat pests
  • Aerate and improve your soil

For more information on beneficial insects and protecting pollinators, follow these links: